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About Us

Not so long ago, we planted a delicious idea that soon grew into a tree - we called it the Curry Tree. This is no ordinary tree, its roots spread far and wide, across kitchens of the country, imbibing authentic curry recipes and, almost magically, turning them into flavour-filled ready-to-cook curry pastes. Our mission is to recreate the magic of curries of India, with lots of pride and zero prejudice. Our dream is to indulge one and all in the experience of our products, without intruding into each one’s dietary preferences. Our goal is to simplify the art of curry making, and bring a first-time cook closer to feeling like a full-time chef

Regions of Curry Tree

  • Kerala

    Kerala recipe

    In God’s Own Country, cuisine follows culture. From Malabar to Travancore,sumptuous seafood to Syrian Christian delicacies, and every flavour in between,explore the kitchens of Kerala.

  • TamilNadu

    Tamilnadu Recipe

    Idli. Dosa. Sambar. Rasam - four words that have shrunk every foodie’s vocabulary of Tamil cuisine. Browse through the Tamil culinary dictionary and discover the aroma of flavours that waft far beyond a few breakfast populars.

  • Goa

    Goa Recipe

    If you thought Goan cuisine began with Balchao and ended with Vindaloo, then your culinary imagination is probably lazing on a beach chair. Discover the two facets of Goan cuisine - one, with strong Portuguese culinary nuances, and the other, bursting with rich Indian flavours.

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