Ready to Cook Mutton Masala | Homestyle Mutton Curry

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  • Homestyle Mutton

    Homestyle Mutton

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    Homestyle Mutton
    119 2023-02-09
    • 80g
    • Feeds 2-3
    • Easy 3-step cooking
    • Preservative Free
    • No artificial flavours
    • Shelf life 12 months
    • 119
    • 119

About This Item

Think Sunday lunches. Think family around the dining table. Think steamed rice. And the aroma-filled gravy of homestyle mutton curry poured on the mound of rice. Think of a clean plate with every grain of rice neatly picked and eaten. Think of all the other curries that have been left untouched. Well, that’s the magic of this curry, that’s a staple in many Indian homes.


There are two ways to achieve this soul-stirring, smile-inducing curry.

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    For answers to all your queries about Curry Tree products, please browse through our list of FAQs.

    • Product FAQs

      Do Curry Tree pastes have dairy ingredients in them?

      Not all Curry Tree pastes have dairy ingredients in them. However, if you’re allergic to dairy, read the list of ingredients before you make a purchase.

      Do you have any curry pastes from the North East?

      Right now, we have curry pastes from Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We will be adding curries from other regions of India and one of our kitchen stops will certainly be the North East. We can’t wait to bottle some real fiery curry recipes. Watch this space!

      How do I store the paste after 1 serving?

      Your Curry Tree product lasts 12 months from date of manufacture.
      If you have opened the bottle, but wish to use some of the paste at a later date, then seal the cap back on to make it airtight, and refrigerate. Consume within 7 days.

      Where is the nearest store I can pick-up a Curry Tree product?

      Currently, we are only available online - on this website, Big Basket and on Amazon. We will update you the moment we are available in supermarkets and stores near you

      Is the pack Halal?

      The pack does not contain any meat. The protein needs to be added separately. The ingredients in the pack are 100% Vegetarian

      What is the Shelf Life of the product?

      Your Curry Tree product lasts 12 months from date of manufacture. Is preservative free with no added sugars or colours.

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