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Why Curry Tree

  • Curry Tree

    We’ve taken ‘worry’
    out of curry!

    Delicious curry guaranteed,
    even if you’re a first-time cook.

  • Curry Tree

    Why wait 30 minutes
    for restaurant delivery?

    Cook an authentic curry
    in less than 20 minutes.

  • Curry Tree

    Pick a state.
    There’s a curry to taste.

    Discover new regional
    cuisines everyday.

Regions of Curry Tree

  • Kerala


    In God’s Own Country, cuisine follows culture. From Malabar to Travancore, sumptuous seafood to Syrian Christian delicacies, and every flavour in between, explore the kitchens of Kerala.

  • Goa


    If you thought Goan cuisine began with Balchao and ended with Vindaloo, then your culinary imagination is probably lazing on a beach chair. Discover the two facets of Goan cuisine - one, with strong Portuguese culinary nuances, and the other, bursting with rich Indian flavours.

  • TN


    Idli. Dosa. Sambar. Rasam - four words that have shrunk every foodie’s vocabulary of Tamil cuisine. Browse through the Tamil culinary dictionary and discover the aroma of flavours that waft far beyond a few breakfast populars.

Cook. Share. Love.

Your curry ride

  • Curry Tree

    How much?

    Always mix Curry Tree paste with the recommended quantity of water.

  • Curry Tree

    How many?

    Six!!! A 200g bottle of Curry Tree paste makes curry for six adults.

  • Curry Tree

    How to?

    Please follow special instructions on pack on how to prepare.

3-Step Curry Prep!

  • Curry Tree


    Follow pre-cooking instructions - how to mix, marinate, saute, etc.

  • Curry Tree


    It’s time to add the pieces - vegetarian, non-vegetarian, eggetarian, you choose!!!

  • Curry Tree


    Cook on medium flame for 15-20 minutes, and serve to delight.

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